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  •  At  Divorce Consultants  we do not believe  that people should go through this process alone,  they need good advice and a person to help them in  order to move  forward in a peaceful and affordable direction. The time frame for a normal divorce is about 1-2 years between the  paperwork, discoveries and  disclosures, the actual process can feel endless; add custody or access  issues or one party not willing to  settle and the process can take  years and tens of thousands  of rupees.  We help our clients move their  forward with knowledge,  pre-screened  resources and everyone on the team  moving in the same  direction with  the same set of values and standards  (to help our  clients in an  affordable way).  

Contested Divorce

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  •  In such cases either of the spouses can file a petition for the dissolution of marriage amongst the grounds available to him/her under the law applicable to them and the petitioner (one who files the petition/case) has to prove his case. On successfully proving the charges and grounds, divorce decree is granted by the Court. 

Mutual Consent Divorce

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  •  In   Mutual consent Divorce, a joint Divorce  petition is filed in the   District Court containing all terms and  conditions regarding  settlement  between Husband and wife. Statement is  recorded by the  Court.  Subsequently, Court calls parties again after six  months to get  their  statement recorded. After recording of statement,  Court grants  Decree  of Divorce and by virtue of same marriage gets dissolved.   

Divorce Law In India

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  • We,  divorce lawyers, undertake all kinds of litigation pertaining to the  divorce In  Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh, India.
  • There are various Laws  which govern the  principle of Divorce like Hindu Marriage Act-1955,  Special Marriage  Act-1954, Indian Divorce Act,  Christian Marriage Act,  etc.